The DigiOrth program will change the way you provide health solutions.


Digital Orthotic Education is an independent educator of frontier engineering, technology and management of the customised foot orthoses process.  We provide practitioner, technician and management training in the business of customised foot orthoses to the global audience. Subjects range from clinical bio-mechanics, physics, prescription, materials science, design, manufacture and evaluation of 3D certified foot orthoses globally.


The link between human biomechanics and the physics of orthotic manufacture is often undervalued or even missed. The programs at DigiOrth Education are designed to produce graduates proficient at translating the bio-mechanical process into a highly effective communication process and product. Achieve outstanding clinical success and enhanced business productivity with us.


Good design is the fundamental of successful clinical outcomes. The tide of orthotic manufacture has inadvertently produced a disconnect between clinical intent and quality orthotic solutions. Our education progression takes orthotic practitioners and engineers through the elements and principles of design, theory and thinking, human centred design and the creative clinical process.


The scientific advances in design, materials and production process has outstripped our current clinical capacity to manage it. Courses in materials science, manufacturing engineering and clinical evaluation provide practitioners the skills to take back control and govern clinical outcomes.


A crack team of industrial designers, 3D manufacturing engineers and consultant podiatrists/orthotists. Our goal is to help manufacturers and practitioners bridge the gap between state of the art engineering and outstanding patient outcomes.