Digital Orthotic Education provides independent education for practitioners, technicians and managers within the medical device manufacturing industry. 


The DigiOrth syllabus is structured to progress participants through two primary pathways: 1. The Orthotic Manufacturing Professional; those with health science related degrees and appropriate registrations to dispense customised medical orthotic devices and 2. The Orthotic Manufacturing Technician; those technically minded individuals working (or planning to work) within industry to advance the engineering and manufacture of medical grade orthotic products.


For the Orthotic Manufacturing Professional

This stream of study is designed for those medical professionals with appropriate national registration to prescribe medical foot orthoses in the country of practice. This pathway is not yet part of the registration process the country to which you are viewing this website. A thorough clinical knowledge of human biomechanics and clinical therapy is assumed from day one. This pathway is ideal for those looking to work as a medical professional in the production of custom foot orthoses to the international 3D Certified Orthotic (3DCO) standards.

Advanced Engineering and Education at the value of a single orthotic.

We don't take payments from suppliers to promote their products or point of view. At Digital Orthotic education we remain fiercely independent. This allows us to objectively review each case and present the arguments to you, the participant.

This Independence is embedded into the cost of our courses.

For the Orthotic Manufacturing Technician

This stream of study is designed for those not registered as medical professionals. There is no assumed clinical knowledge associated with the level 1 coursework. It is ideal for those looking to work with medical professionals in the production of custom foot orthoses to the 3DCO standards.

To be eligible for admission as an 3DCO professional, potential students should present a minimum of 16 units of high school coursework within the four traditional academic areas (literature, mathematics, physical and biological sciences and social sciences), including these requirements outlined below:

Modernising Methods. Honing Skills.

Advancing Practise.