The Digiorth Curriculum

Content for Practitioners, Technicians and Managers

Fields we Focus on

Digital Orthotic Education provides content specifically tailored to advance the therapy, engineering and management of the modern digitally manufactured custom foot orthoses.  Topics and education streams engage participants to link the medical sciences to the physical and engineering realities of modern product manufacture. The progression with DigiOrth includes;

Graduates will be able to develop their existing physical therapies by honing their skills in communication, design, production management. DigiOrth practitioners are able to critically evaluate and fully access the benefits of modern technologies as they progress rapidly into the future. Courses are continuously being structured to suit the needs of:

  • Practitioners looking to prescribe knowing they are at the cutting edge of modern technology
  • Technicians and Manufacturers to maintain currency of services to their highly important customers
  • Business Owners looking to achieve the win win win scenario of outstanding health solutions, with wholesome margins, in a sustainable way.

Learning Formats

3 Hour Workshops | Toolbox Talks

3 hour formats are designed for busy practitioner groups to briefly access key points of biomechanical principles, materials/physical sciences, design process and/or human communications. These have minimum numbers, so perfect to arrange with you and your colleagues.

2 Day Short Courses

Arranged several times a year for groups of 10 or more, the 2 day short courses are aimed at those looking to explore the digital content in more detail. Upon successful completion, participants will be certified in a variety of skills including the capture of positional data needed for the manufacture of modern digital orthoses.

6 Month | Directed Subjects

A series of 2 day workshops and online learning combined to provide participants with a journey of practical workshops and self directed learning through a series of academic and skills based projects.

Upon successful completion of 3 levels of these subjects, participants will gain a certificate as an Digital Orthotic Prescriber or Engineer. The aim of this certification is to allow graduates to be registered as a certified professional and build on a career in the high tech manufacturing design, management and production processing environment of modern orthotic manufacture.